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Cosmic Destiny

victory ascension freedom love understanding I AM affirmation Love understanding power

I AM a living star of Destiny A cosmic child of Light; I AM the flame of Freedom I AM God’s holy Might. I AM victor from my Beginning As a radiant son of Light; Filled with joyful Gratitude Opportunity to do it right. I AM His threefold Blessing, His Presence in all men; Perfect […]

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The Creative Genius of my Soul

amazing I AM affirmations freedom truth love spiritual enligtenment abundance victory ascended masters

I AM the creative genius of my soul manifesting as unlimited income, resilient health, boundless opportunities, dynamic harmony, limitless freedom, abundant supply, joyous fulfillment contagious happiness and spiritual enlightenment in my life right now today! I AM the unlimited opulence and abundance of God flowing into my hands and use today! I AM the mighty […]

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Come Up Higher

amazing I AM affirmations EL Morya darjeeling divine order higher consciousness

I AM calling forth divine order into every aspect of my life, my family, my community, my finances and my career. I AM demanding divine order to manifest as a constantly improving environment in every aspect of my life. I AM preparing a beautiful and acceptable platform for the consistent work and practical actions which […]

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