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I AM a Majestic Sense of Victory!

abundance liberty freedom amazing I AM affirmations victory money opulence health wealth happiness

I AM consciously desiring and allowing the total surrender, dissolution and transmutation of all unresolved emotional issues, painful memories, negative habit patterns, subconscious fears and anxieties, limiting beliefs and false concepts, blockages, tension and resistance to my perfect harmony, strength and resilience, improved energy, vitality, creativity, abundant health, prosperity and well-being. Unfailing Light of God, […]

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I AM calling for Sun Presence of the Violet Flame to grant me my Freedom and my Victory now!

I AM amazing affirmations violet fire spirals pillars Sun presence

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, I demand the Ascended Master’s feeling of the sacred fire flood in, through and around my four lower bodies, transforming everything in my being and world into a Sun Presence of the Violet flame, dissolving, transmuting and freeing me forever by the power of the three times three from every […]

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Prayer for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

I AM amazing prayers holy spirit dove jesus christ

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Christ Jesus, before ascending into heaven, You promised to send us the Holy Spirit. May that spirit enter our lives and help us with our work and our salvation. May we experience your Presence and be filled with loving reverence. […]

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Prayer for Freedom

I AM amazing prayers second coming jesus christ hosts of the lord freedom

In the name of Jesus the Christ, Beloved Mother Mary and the Blessed Ascended Master Saint Germain, I call to Almighty God, I AM that I AM, to defend freedom in the heart of every citizen of every nation; I invoke legions of angels and host of heaven to intervene for the fulfillment of the […]

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