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I AM claiming the Victory of the New Day

new day Amazing I AM affirmations Maha Chohan

I AM the Victory of the living flame of Cosmic Freedom, the violet transmuting flame, transforming my entire consciousness, being and world into the light of the new day, new ideas and new beginnings. I AM rejoicing in the opportunity to receive the transforming power of the Holy Spirit from the heart of the Maha […]

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I AM calling for Sun Presence of the Violet Flame to grant me my Freedom and my Victory now!

I AM amazing affirmations violet fire spirals pillars Sun presence

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, I demand the Ascended Master’s feeling of the sacred fire flood in, through and around my four lower bodies, transforming everything in my being and world into a Sun Presence of the Violet flame, dissolving, transmuting and freeing me forever by the power of the three times three from every […]

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Violet fire come free the Earth

I AM golden-pink ray light truth freedom new day violet fire

I AM releasing a wave of golden-pink light A dazzling display of beauty and might; Their colours coalesce in harmony sublime, Their kiss of delight links my heart with thine. Chorus : Violet fire come free the Earth And give to all heaven’s mirth; A joyous flame, so clean and bright, God’s power to transform […]

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