Affirmations are truly an incredible tool for self-transformation. They are are a powerful means of spiritual alchemy capable of helping improve every aspect of our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

We would all like the ability to transform the negative elements of our own psychology, changing fear into courage, anxiety into peace and hatred into love. These affirmations are an essential part of the process of becoming more enlightened, more loving and more empowered spiritual beings.

This is especially true for those affirmations which incorporate the highest aspect of our potential by using the name God "I AM". The name of God given to Moses by the Presence of God in the "burning bush" was "I AM THAT I AM".

In the Eastern philosophy, there is an understanding of the underlying unity between the prayer or mantra, the person who gives the prayer or mantra and the response of heaven to this prayer or mantra.

The three become one, for in truth we all contain the trinity of faith, hope and charity within us. Father, Son and Holy Spirit or Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the three in one, or trinity, is a key spiritual teaching that helps us understand that we become co-creators with God when we affirm our highest reality or potential using the name of God "I AM".

The spark of God within us, our seed of divinity, has been reported by many mystics as a sacred fire within us, the three-fold flame of life, anchored in the heart. 

amazing I AM affirmations resurrection life light healing abundance Morya Buddha

These affirmations represent my personal effort to collate the best of the spiritual teachings that I have encountered in forty years of study.

I AM the creative genius of my soul weaving perfection into the scheme of things.



Change the weight of the negative human perspective into the golden light of divine illumination.

I AM Victory Mastery Abundance Amazing affirmations


Recognise the potential of resurrecting every atom, cell and electron of your being with light.

I-AM-amazing-affirmations angels wings sky


Smooth out all the tensions in our relationships that distract us from expressing our highest potential.

Light I AM Amazing Affirmations


Let our thoughts truly reflect the wisdom of our greatest teachers instead of negative programming.

I AM aspiring to be more of who I AM!

I dedicate these pages to my inspiring family and thank them for their support.

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