Here are some of my Amazing Poems.

Cosmic Destiny
I AM a living star of Destiny A cosmic child of Light; I AM the flame of Freedom I AM God's holy Might. I AM victor from my Beginning As a radiant son of Light; Filled with joyful Gratitude Opportunity to do it right. I AM His threefold Blessing, His Presence in all men; Perfect love and understanding The Power to raise all men. I AM the gentle spoken Word Restoring memory of God's grace; Happy now for each chance to serve Witness of the I AM race. I AM His Loving Presence My Perfect Health restored; I AM His gracious Majesty God Victory implored. I AM His Shining Sword of Truth That cuts men free from pain; Certain of Justice and Mercy With every invocation of His Name. I AM Obedience to His Call To raise up Harmony over strife; Perfection ever winning Ascension’s summit for all life. I AM His star of Destiny His mighty threefold Light; I AM praise for my creation As His perfect son of Light. I AM THAT I AM.
I AM the Victory Flame.
I AM the Victory flame, I cannot remain the same; For Freedom I AM come, Blazing light, I AM the one! Transmuting all that is not real, Christ-Victory to all reveal; And flashing Freedom forth to all, I AM the Victory for which I call!
I AM the Victory Flame
I AM the Victory Flame, I cannot remain the same; Transcendence is my aim, World freedom my domain.   I AM the Central Sun, With all life I AM now one; Eternal wisdom I have become, Violet flame, I AM thy sun.   I AM a cosmic yoke Of life's perfection I invoke; Transmuting all that is not real, God-Harmony is what I feel.  
I AM your friend of old
I AM your friend of old* Delivering the cup of gold, Raising the consciousness of men To behold the true Eden then, Christ and Buddha shining bright To dispel the darkness of the night; A message of golden age to come With Saint Germain the victory's won, Educate the world and darkness eschew, I claim victory for the few Dedicated to the path of service And not tempted by worldly diversions. Universal is the cause triumphant, Finish the race and live transcendent, Strengthening your will to turn the tide Million of souls in heaven will abide. *Inspired by the Ascended Master Casimir Poseidon  
Self Acceptance
I don’t know who or what I’m supposed to be, But I definitely can’t accept that I am me. Oh God help me to be different, Help me to be more! Anybody but who I am, That’s what I implore. What I see is a mess, All the mistakes I have made: This is the last person I want to be; Oh Lord, help me; I am so afraid. There’s got to be a way out, This isn’t who I’m supposed to be; Struggling just to get around, I’m meant to be happy and free. I’ve seen the truth, But it’s too hard for me; Facing the night And setting my soul free. It’s painful you see, All the stuff that I’ve done; Fixing it all up That’s no fun! I’ve seen the light, It keeps creeping in; Makes me uncomfortable With all those sins. What a challenge life is, To do it all right; Step up to the plate, Hit it with all your might. There’s no escaping it, I don’t need to be more; There’s so much of me I still have to explore. Oh God, thank you for me, I’m glad to be free! All those gremlins within They make such a din! I know I’ll be right, Truth’s in my sight; Happiness comes from within, It’s time to accept and begin. I AM WHO I AM.
I AM the Wind
I AM the light of diamond hue I AM sparkling through and through. I AM the whirling sacred fire I AM manifesting God’s desire. Dazzling brilliance, incandescent light, I AM the fullness of Victory’s might, Descending to the Christ in all, Ten thousand Buddhas hear my call; Marpa, Naropa, Tilopa too, Gurus making all things new, Standing in the light of truth, Offering to all the cup of youth. Love is the victory for which we strive, Forgiveness is the essence all may derive. Crystal Buddhas, needle rays descend Spiralling into the souls of men. I AM the wind Milarepa has aroused, Bearing the light of truth all may espouse; I AM the victory for which I call, I AM the Buddha standing tall. Vairochana in the centre of a spiral Absorbing, transforming all denial. I AM the vision of truth transcendent, I AM the victory of life resplendent. I have elected to be the One In the centre of the Sun. I AM the Buddha of diamond hue, I AM the Buddha watching over you. I AM the Buddha where I AM. I AM THAT I AM. Note : I  AM the Wind was inspired by Milarepa.