Here are some of my Amazing Prayers.

Call a Friend
In the name of the Christ, In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM, O Beloved Ascended Master whoever you are, wherever you are, You who have the Victory over this test which I AM facing. I AM asking you to give me the full-gathered momentum of your Victory that I also might overcome and leave a record in the sands of time for all others who will follow after me in the Victory of their ascension in the Light.
The Victory of Terra
I AM blessed with the vision of the coming of the Lord's hosts. I AM knocking at the Golden Door of Opportunity. In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, In the name of God, I AM THAT I AM, In the name of my Holy Christ Self, In the name of Mighty Victory, I claim the Victory of Terra for Saint Germain. I claim that Light of Victory for Saint Germain. I claim the joy of Victory for Saint Germain. I AM that wave of Freedom, Joy and Victory going forth as rays of the Sun to claim Terra for the Light. Terra is made whole in that Light of Freedom, Joy and Victory! I AM being made whole in the light of Victory! By the power of Mighty Victory incarnate, Terra is restored to the Freedom and Opportunity of a Golden Age Of Aquarius through the blessed hearts of Beloved Saint Germain and Portia.
I AM beginning my day by asking my Mighty I AM Presence to fill my heart with compassion so that I may be an instrument of service and blessing in the lives of others, following the examples of the great Masters, especially Beloved Lord Maitreya, so that I may live this day and every day filled with loving kindness as the perfect expression of the love in my heart.
Prayer for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Christ Jesus, before ascending into heaven, You promised to send us the Holy Spirit. May that spirit enter our lives and help us with our work and our salvation. May we experience your Presence and be filled with loving reverence. May we experience your peace and find fulfilment in the service of others. May we experience your courage and find strength to overcome all obstacles to our salvation. May we experience your truth and see ourselves in a spirit of holiness. May we experience your understanding and free our minds to seek the light. May we experience your counsel and choose the best way of doing God’s will. May we experience your wisdom and aspire to those things that lead to eternal life. May we experience your healing and find wholeness in the comfort of your love. May we experience your faith and find ourselves miraculously transformed in every way. This we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.
Prayer for Freedom
In the name of Jesus the Christ, Beloved Mother Mary and the Blessed Ascended Master Saint Germain, I call to Almighty God, I AM that I AM, to defend freedom in the heart of every citizen of every nation; I invoke legions of angels and host of heaven to intervene for the fulfillment of the divine destiny of every nation on earth. I invoke the flame of freedom as the violet, transmuting flame to free the electrons in my body, in the body of God, in the entire planetary body, from all limiting consciousness, to free us to choose the path of freedom, of infinite self-awareness, happiness, joyous abundance and the total victory of the Golden Age of Aquarius. I call it forth now according to God's Holy Will. Let it come forth from the heart of my own Mighty I AM Presence and Beloved Mighty Victory and let it descend into the chalice of my heart to be released this day and every day for the victory of Terra and all her evolutions and for the clearing of the way for the coming of the hosts of the Lord! Always Victory! Always Victory! Always Victory!
Prayer for Family and Friends
Beloved Heavenly Father-Mother God I am asking You to bless my family and friends wherever they are right now. I am asking You to minister to their souls at this very moment, to send Your blessings to all on this planet and beyond, according to God's will. Where there is pain, give to them mercy and peace. Where there is doubt, help them to enjoy renewed confidence. Where there is tiredness, give to them understanding, patience, strength and help them to learn submission to your leading. Where there is spiritual stagnation, give them a greater awareness of their own Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self. Draw them into a greater intimacy with You. Dissolve all fear by Your perfect love, and give to them the courage to achieve their freedom. Break the hold of sin and anxiety over their lives and replace it with an abundant sense of victory. Bless their finances and give to them a greater vision of success. Raise them up to be the servant leaders of the people and give to them good friends to support and encourage them. Give to each one of them the discernment they need to recognise the forces of evil within and around them, and to defeat those forces of darkness by the power of the Holy Spirit. I ask You to do these holy things in Jesus' name, in the holy name of freedom, In the holy name of God, I AM THAT I AM. Not my will, Not my will, Not my will but Thine be done. Amen.
I AM the Wind
I AM the light of diamond hue I AM sparkling through and through. I AM the whirling sacred fire I AM manifesting God’s desire. Dazzling brilliance, incandescent light, I AM the fullness of Victory’s might, Descending to the Christ in all, Ten thousand Buddhas hear my call; Marpa, Naropa, Tilopa too, Gurus making all things new, Standing in the light of truth, Offering to all the cup of youth. Love is the victory for which we strive, Forgiveness is the essence all may derive. Crystal Buddhas, needle rays descend Spiralling into the souls of men. I AM the wind Milarepa has aroused, Bearing the light of truth all may espouse; I AM the victory for which I call, I AM the Buddha standing tall. Vairochana in the centre of a spiral Absorbing, transforming all denial. I AM the vision of truth transcendent, I AM the victory of life resplendent. I have elected to be the One In the centre of the Sun. I AM the Buddha of diamond hue, I AM the Buddha watching over you. I AM the Buddha where I AM. I AM THAT I AM. Note : I  AM the Wind was inspired by Milarepa.