Here are some of my Mindfulness affirmations.

I AM the most efficient use of time.
I AM the perfect, practical wisdom ensuring the most efficient use of my time. I AM the perfect Christ-Mind maximising all of my activities. I AM the most efficient use of time.
I AM Babaji
I AM Babaji. I AM here! I AM here because I AM not anywhere else, but everywhere. I have chosen to be the Mother light for you in Mater for your blessed Victory.
Live each moment fully
Mindfulness is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves. I AM (God in me) is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves. I AM keeping my mind alive to the present reality. I AM considering each step in life as a door to infinite wonder. I AM realising each precious moment as an opportunity to release the fire of love, a joy that will open our hearts like a flower, enabling us to enter fully into the beauty of the present moment. I AM learning to experience existence as a miraculous and mysterious reality. I AM willing to lead a life of greater awareness. I AM letting go of anger, anxiety and possessions, for only letting go gives us freedom and freedom is the requirement for happiness. I AM determined to live fully in each moment and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.  
I AM the Wind
I AM the light of diamond hue I AM sparkling through and through. I AM the whirling sacred fire I AM manifesting God’s desire. Dazzling brilliance, incandescent light, I AM the fullness of Victory’s might, Descending to the Christ in all, Ten thousand Buddhas hear my call; Marpa, Naropa, Tilopa too, Gurus making all things new, Standing in the light of truth, Offering to all the cup of youth. Love is the victory for which we strive, Forgiveness is the essence all may derive. Crystal Buddhas, needle rays descend Spiralling into the souls of men. I AM the wind Milarepa has aroused, Bearing the light of truth all may espouse; I AM the victory for which I call, I AM the Buddha standing tall. Vairochana in the centre of a spiral Absorbing, transforming all denial. I AM the vision of truth transcendent, I AM the victory of life resplendent. I have elected to be the One In the centre of the Sun. I AM the Buddha of diamond hue, I AM the Buddha watching over you. I AM the Buddha where I AM. I AM THAT I AM. Note : I  AM the Wind was inspired by Milarepa.