Amazing Abundance Affirmations

Geoffrey Dickie // May 21 // 0 Comments

I AM joyfully embracing the opportunity of the new day
I AM grateful for the wonderful creative energy of life flowing into my world
I AM thankful for every flash of intuition which reminds me of my inner resources
I AM giving of the richness of my soul to all life
I AM open to receiving prosperity and riches from the universe
I AM joyously expanding my consciousness of service and prosperity
I AM transforming all my thoughts into positive affirmations of God’s endless love and abundance
I AM releasing all forms of fear, frustration, anxiety, criticism and defeat
I AM the power of transmutation clearing all obstacles to the flow of God’s abundance into my life
I AM charging my mind with positive images of God’s limitless light and love
I AM the flow of forgiveness dissolving all mistakes and sense of limitation
I AM peacefully accepting my part in the divine plan for creating a better world
I AM actively inviting God’s abundance to flow into my life
I AM building my future on strengthening my relationship with God
I AM changing my priorities to ensure following His divine will
I AM desiring the unlimited abundance of God for the blessing of all life
I AM truly alive to sharing life, light and love without expecting anything in return
I AM joyfully living from my heart by constantly practising acts of kindness and generosity
I AM happily opening the doors of my mind to the limitless generosity of the Creator
I AM truly grateful for my ever expanding awareness of God’s love, protection and abundance
I AM becoming an example of the joy of giving and the way of victory

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