Prosperity for all

Geoffrey Dickie // May 12 // 0 Comments

I AM that prosperity that is having the freedom to do whatever I want, within reason, whenever and wherever I want, in harmony with God’s will.
I AM deserving of that prosperity, the best that life has to offer, every good and perfect gift of God.
I AM commanding and demanding the instantaneous manifestation of God’s infinite bounty in my hands and use right now today!
I AM expanding my consciousness to be the unlimited vessel for God’s limitless abundance in this world.
I AM calling for God’s inexhaustible supply to fulfill my every need for the completion of my divine plan.
I AM choosing to rejoice in that connection, God’s creative power that flows freely through me for the blessing of all life.
I AM affirming that the fullness of those wonderful blessings that are available to all, for our Saviour has said, “I AM come that all might have life and that more abundantly”.
I AM rejoicing in that abundance flowing to myself and to others.
I AM blessed with the free will choice to share in expanding the Father’s good will to every man, woman and child on this planet; so I AM blessing their good fortune.
I AM actively expanding their good fortune.
I AM aware that there is truly plenty for all for I AM one with the cosmic power that creates all things, that breathes life, light and love into all men, and that happily supplies me with all the joy and victory, truth and harmony, strength and freedom that I need and I AM grateful.

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