I AM the Alchemy of the Infinite in my Hands and Use Today!

Geoffrey Dickie // April 12 // 0 Comments

I AM the Alchemy of the Infinite in my hands and use today!
I AM created by my Father-Mother God to take dominion in the planes of matter.
I AM creating a life of abundance, unconditional love and deep healing for this is the Victory I deserve as a son (a daughter) of God.
I AM one with my Father-Mother God and I AM receiving that abundant supply which is mine to claim.
I AM demanding and commanding the release of all God’s limitless wealth from realms on high.
I AM demanding and commanding the complete and perfect manifestation of all the abundance that I require to be totally God-Victorious in this life.
I AM the wealth, opulence and perfect manifestation of every constructive thing that I can possibly conceive of or desire.
I AM open to receiving infinite blessings and supply from the Universe.
I AM discovering the innate wisdom of my soul, inspired by my Holy Christ Self, to think, feel and act in perfect harmony with the Will of God, to manifest divine abundance in every aspect of my life and to creatively fulfill my divine plan.
I AM removing the ignorance that has blinded me to the Truth of God’s limitless Love, Wisdom and Power manifesting as His abundance and supply in my life.
I AM accepting cosmic blessings of abundance flowing to me now from my Mighty I AM Presence.
I AM now precipitating that infinite and abundant supply poured out upon all life.
I AM the Mighty Presence of Life bathing the earth in that emerald green light charged with abundance from God’s own heart.
I AM receiving every good and perfect gift that comes down from above from the Father of Lights with whom there is no variableness neither shadow of turning.
I AM claiming the Victorious consciousness of abundance from Beloved Fortuna, Goddess of Supply.
I AM the creative genius of my soul manifesting unlimited income, resilient health, boundless opportunities, unlimited freedom, abundant supply, dynamic harmony and joyous fulfilment in my hands and use right now today.
I AM the Victory of God’s limitless Light, Love and Life flooding my world with the unfailing abundance of every good and perfect gift of God including greater freedom, greater perception of truth, limitless supply and endless joyous opportunities for the expansion of my threefold flame and the Victory of my Divine Plan fulfilled right now today.
I AM receiving the divine treasures from heaven which are freely given to all.
I AM initiating a golden spiral of Victory for the perfect precipitation of Light and Love, Strength, and Freedom, Harmony and Order, Truth and Abundance, Joy and Creativity in my life.
I AM drawing abundance into every aspect of my life for I AM a magnet for Divine Prosperity.
By God’s grace, I AM attracting every good and perfect thing that I need into my life and I AM eternally grateful for the perfect manifestation of all these things in God’s perfect time.
I AM grateful that abundance is flowing easily and happily into my life in ever increasing amounts.
By God’s grace, I AM enjoying being prosperous and able to support the causes that I care about.
I AM a magnet for miracles of Strength and Freedom, Truth and Abundance, Joy and Victory manifesting in my life right now today.
I AM the pure Mind of God precipitating the golden light of Victory immediately ensuring the fulfilment of my every need and requirement of the hour.
I AM awake to my abundance.
I AM living Life abundantly and Life is supplying my every need.
I AM the unlimited opulence of God manifesting in my hands and use right now today!
I AM calling forth the tangible outpouring of God’s magnificent, abundant grace that will produce newness of life, the majestic sense of Victory and the fragrance of joy and transcendence through the Resurrection flame.
I AM opening the doors of my consciousness to my Mighty I AM Presence and I AM letting the sun of God’s limitless abundance shine in.
I AM trusting that something wonderful is about to happen for I AM seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and I AM trusting that all these things shall be added unto me by God’s grace in the appropriate cycles of time and space.
I AM the perfect Victory of successfully attracting all the wealth, abundance and prosperity that I need to live a truly extraordinary life.
I AM opening the golden doors of opportunity to bask in the infinite Light and Love of God’s Beauty, Harmony and Victory that all might have Life and that they might have it more abundantly.

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