Call to the Seraphim

Geoffrey Dickie // July 25 // 0 Comments

In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ Self,
in the name of Jesus Christ,
I call to the Mighty Seraphim of God
to come now and surround my four lower bodies,
absorb my disease and discord,
penetrate every atom, cell and electron of my being
with the mighty Light of Purity,
magnified by the Goddess of Light,
the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity.
Draw every aspect of my consciousness being and world
into perfect alignment with its Divine Blueprint.

Mighty Astrea, let the cosmic Light of Purity
surge through my four lower bodies
and purge me of all karma and akashic records
less than the immaculate concept of my soul,
casting all that is not of the Light
into the mighty sacred fires of Purity, Freedom, Justice, Mercy and Truth.

I AM the victory of Truth’s perfect outpicturing
as Freedom’s fiery love, the violet consuming flame,
blazing through all that is not of the Light in my four lower bodies
and transmuting all that is less than my Christ perfection.

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