I AM the creative fire of the Will of God

Geoffrey Dickie // June 16 // 0 Comments

I AM the Light of my Mighty I AM Presence manifesting as Saint Germain’s Freedom Flame, sustaining, directing and protecting the perfect outpicturing of my Divine Plan fulfilled!
I AM the Power, Wisdom and Love of God acting to bring God’s Wholeness, Happiness, Harmony, Peace, Freedom and Victory into manifestation in my life right now today!
I AM the creative fire of the dynamic Will of God exalting my soul to a more fervent devotion to the diamond shining heart of Morya.
I AM the Peace, Harmony and Courage of my Mighty I AM Presence carrying me serenely through all the challenges which confront me.
I AM surrendering all that is not of the Light into the sacred fire of the violet, transmuting flame for requalification to the perfect Will of God for my life.

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