Come Up Higher

Geoffrey Dickie // February 5 // 0 Comments

I AM calling forth divine order into every aspect of my life, my family, my community, my finances and my career.
I AM demanding divine order to manifest as a constantly improving environment in every aspect of my life.
I AM preparing a beautiful and acceptable platform for the consistent work and practical actions which will ensure the God Victory of my home, my family, my community and the fulfillment of my divine plan.
I AM God success in all the roles and duties of my life including husband, father, teacher, writer, leader, student and servant.
I AM the perfect outpicturing of that integrity with the word and with that love tie to the heart of the Master Morya.
I AM initiating new cycles of creativity by my attunement with the will of God in every situation and by acting in harmony with the balance of love, wisdom and power in my heart.
I AM associating each lesson of my returning karma with the impetus to come up higher from the heart of El Morya.

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