I AM ready to claim my abundance now!

Geoffrey Dickie // July 8 // 0 Comments

Abundance is perfectly possible right here and now because I allow it, I welcome it and I rightfully desire the fulfilment it does bring.
I know that it is my birthright as a Son of God! I claim it, I demand it and I respect its power and calm intensity within me.
I feel that awesome power and intensity within me and I rejoice in it.
I AM ready to claim my abundance and my victory now!
I AM claiming my victory now! I AM claiming my victory now! I AM claiming my victory now!
I AM demanding prosperity and riches from the universe now!
I AM grateful for the returning flow of all imperfect and limiting beliefs and the challenges of my karma that help to highlight my mistakes as an important part of my spiritual journey, that I may cast all that is not of the light into the sacred fire.
By the grace of the Holy Spirit, I AM the violet transmuting flame clearing all obstacles to the flow of God’s abundance in my life and I AM deeply and profoundly loving, accepting and forgiving myself for hanging on to these limiting beliefs for so long.
I AM desiring the unlimited opulence of God to manifest for the blessing of all life and I AM happily opening the doors of my heart, mind and soul to the limitless wealth and generosity of my Father-Mother God, Beloved Alpha and Omega.
I AM happy to receive all the money, wealth, abundance, opulence, and supply that forms part of the victory of my divine plan fulfilled and the expansion of the teachings of the Ascended Masters.
I AM grateful for this opportunity, this abundance, this creativity and this happiness in my life right here and now for I AM the full fiery force of my vitally active imagination creatively transcending all of the supposed limitations of my body, mind and soul.
I AM gratefully and peacefully accepting the absolute abundance of wealth, prosperity and riches in my life, right here and now made manifest, according to the Holy Will of God.
I AM positively transforming my life into an abundance of golden ray opportunities for the victory of my life, my family, my community, the fulfilment of my divine plan, the expansion of the teachings of the Ascended Masters and the perfect outpicturing of the Golden Age of Aquarius by God’s grace.
I AM enjoying the wonder and delight of being happy, healthy, wealthy and well organised for I AM an example of the wisdom, joy and balance of giving and receiving in perfect harmony.
I AM Victory! I AM Victory! I AM Victory!
I AM the strength, wisdom and love of God flowing forth to bless, heal and prosper all the children of God walking on Earth, quickening the currents of victory within each one until the desire for Freedom brings down the kingdom of heaven on earth, manifesting as Peace, Health, Happiness, Abundance and Harmony with God’s Will.

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