Prayer for Freedom

I AM amazing prayers second coming jesus christ hosts of the lord freedom

In the name of Jesus the Christ, Beloved Mother Mary and the Blessed Ascended Master Saint Germain,
I call to Almighty God, I AM that I AM, to defend freedom in the heart of every citizen of every nation;
I invoke legions of angels and host of heaven to intervene for the fulfillment of the divine destiny of every nation on earth.
I invoke the flame of freedom as the violet, transmuting flame to free the electrons in my body, in the body of God, in the entire planetary body, from all limiting consciousness, to free us to choose the path of freedom, of infinite self-awareness, happiness, joyous abundance and the total victory of the Golden Age of Aquarius.
I call it forth now according to God’s Holy Will.
Let it come forth from the heart of my own Mighty I AM Presence and Beloved Mighty Victory and let it descend into the chalice of my heart to be released this day and every day for the victory of Terra and all her evolutions and for the clearing of the way for the coming of the hosts of the Lord!
Always Victory! Always Victory! Always Victory!

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