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amazing I AM affirmations buddha meditation mindfulness

I AM the joy of the golden pink ray reintegrating my personality, consciousness and being into a profound oneness with God. I AM surrendering to the Holy Will of God. I AM worthy to be enfired with God! My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for this grace. I AM assimilating the message of […]

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Come Up Higher

amazing I AM affirmations EL Morya darjeeling divine order higher consciousness

I AM calling forth divine order into every aspect of my life, my family, my community, my finances and my career. I AM demanding divine order to manifest as a constantly improving environment in every aspect of my life. I AM preparing a beautiful and acceptable platform for the consistent work and practical actions which […]

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More of God

amazing I AM affirmations cosmic consciousness explore

I AM desiring to be more of God, to roam the mind of God, to bounce like a ball, free to explore the expanses of the universe, to move with dexterity up and down the ladder of God’s cosmic consciousness, yet still following the precepts of the Logos and the Mother. I AM the light […]

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I AM calling for Sun Presence of the Violet Flame to grant me my Freedom and my Victory now!

I AM amazing affirmations violet fire spirals pillars Sun presence

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, I demand the Ascended Master’s feeling of the sacred fire flood in, through and around my four lower bodies, transforming everything in my being and world into a Sun Presence of the Violet flame, dissolving, transmuting and freeing me forever by the power of the three times three from every […]

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