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Good Fortune

amazing affirmations i am abundance good fortune victory

Good Fortune is already on its way and with absolute certainty, it will manifest in God’s perfect time for the greatest possible good of all; the perfect outpicturing of my God-Victory and the reassurance of my soul with the sweetness of God’s grace and the ever enfolding love of my Father-Mother God.

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I AM a Majestic Sense of Victory!

abundance liberty freedom amazing I AM affirmations victory money opulence health wealth happiness

I AM consciously desiring and allowing the total surrender, dissolution and transmutation of all unresolved emotional issues, painful memories, negative habit patterns, subconscious fears and anxieties, limiting beliefs and false concepts, blockages, tension and resistance to my perfect harmony, strength and resilience, improved energy, vitality, creativity, abundant health, prosperity and well-being. Unfailing Light of God, […]

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amazing I AM affirmations buddha meditation mindfulness

I AM the joy of the golden pink ray reintegrating my personality, consciousness and being into a profound oneness with God. I AM surrendering to the Holy Will of God. I AM worthy to be enfired with God! My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for this grace. I AM assimilating the message of […]

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