Cosmic Destiny

Geoffrey Dickie // February 26 // 0 Comments

I AM a living star of Destiny
A cosmic child of Light;
I AM the flame of Freedom
I AM God’s holy Might.

I AM victor from my Beginning
As a radiant son of Light;
Filled with joyful Gratitude
Opportunity to do it right.

I AM His threefold Blessing,
His Presence in all men;
Perfect love and understanding
The Power to raise all men.

I AM the gentle spoken Word
Restoring memory of God’s grace;
Happy now for each chance to serve
Witness of the I AM race.

I AM His Loving Presence
My Perfect Health restored;
I AM His gracious Majesty
God Victory implored.

I AM His Shining Sword of Truth
That cuts men free from pain;
Certain of Justice and Mercy
With every invocation of His Name.

I AM Obedience to His Call
To raise up Harmony over strife;
Perfection ever winning
Ascension’s summit for all life.

I AM His star of Destiny
His mighty threefold Light;
I AM praise for my creation
As His perfect son of Light.


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