The Creative Genius of my Soul

Geoffrey Dickie // February 24 // 0 Comments

I AM the creative genius of my soul manifesting as
unlimited income,
resilient health,
boundless opportunities,
dynamic harmony,
limitless freedom,
abundant supply,
joyous fulfillment
contagious happiness
and spiritual enlightenment in my life right now today!

I AM the unlimited opulence and abundance of God flowing into my hands and use today!
I AM the mighty stream of Life that flows from the heart of my Divine Presence producing the miracle of health in my life.
I AM charging my four lower bodies with the golden flame of precipitated sunlight from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun.
I AM boundless becoming in the infinite fire of God’s love.
I AM establishing the balance of Yin and Yang spiritually, the Tai Chi of Alpha and Omega.
I AM the quickening of the flame of Freedom and Enlightenment within me.
I AM the Freedom to be in God.
I AM accepting the Freedom to be God in manifestation here and now!
I AM the Joy and Love of the Father-Mother God that flows freely into my soul.
I AM happy to be Joyous and Free for God’s Truth is their love for me.
I AM laughing at adversity and I AM welcoming adversity as the instrument on my path to Freedom!
I AM the grace of God allowing a greater perception of the truth and reality of the Ascended Masters and the Victory of their Ascension in the Light.

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