Abundance is perfectly possible here and now!

Geoffrey Dickie // July 8 // 0 Comments

Abundance is perfectly possible right here and now

because I allow it, I welcome it, I want it,

I know it’s my birthright and I claim it,

I demand it, I respect it, I love it and I give thanks for it.

I feel its awesome power and intensity within me

and I rejoice in it.

I AM happily receiving, accepting and expanding

the great abundance of God’s wealth, prosperity

and creative ideas in my life

for I AM a son of God, a child of the light,

and, by God’s grace, I deserve to share

in the unlimited opulence and riches of the Universal All.

I AM establishing perfect harmony and balance

in the flow of health, wealth and happiness into my life

In the name of the light of God that never fails,

I AM the miracle of God’s limitless opulence, wealth and abundance

flowing into my life, right here and now made manifest!

I accept this done right now with full power,

I AM this done right now with full power.

I AM, I AM, I AM God-life expressing perfection always and all times.

This which I call forth for myself,

I call forth for every man, woman and child on this planet,

according to God’s Holy Will.

Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM.

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