Personal Mission Statement

i AM amazing affirmations victory creativity success spiritual path

I AM the perfection of God’s creativity,
Pursuing my role with all true humility.

I AM the resolute strength and success of good habits,
I AM the victory which flows from my God as He edits.

Everyday I AM reinforcing His ascending spirals of love,
My positive momentums setting me free as a dove.

I AM persisting on the path that leads to eternity,
Resurrection’s flame shall ensure my vitality.

I AM the rejuvenating freshness of the new day,
I AM grateful for every opportunity that comes my way.

I AM the all consuming love of the path and my guru,
How great is my love for the Son we call Jesu.

Saints who inspire me, with their Presence I AM one,
For I AM reflecting God’s perfect love for His sons.

I AM the multiplication of their love, wisdom and power,
Their balanced application raises me every hour.

I AM charged with forgiveness for every mistake I have made,
The sweet wine of God’s mercy flows from the grace of His name.

I AM mastering the energies in motion in my world,
God in me is the harmony for all to behold.

Beloved Mother Mary inspire me to live more simply,
Consecrate my soul to serve the Lord more fully.

Beloved Saint Joseph, by your flame of practicality,
Perfect my use of time and lead me onto victory.

Archangel Michael before me, I AM beholding his sword,
Through his power and protection, I AM inspired by God’s word.

I AM the sword of truth purging all that is unworthy,
With justice and mercy I AM proclaiming God’s glory.

I AM moved by the spirit to wield God’s sacred word for liberty,
Raising my soul and its vista to walk the path of unity.

I AM the sure knowledge that with God I cannot fail;
They shall not pass, they cannot assail!

I AM the joyous dance of God’s mirth and delight,
Sharing His laughter, my soul transcends this night.

Whatever the test, it too shall pass from me,
Service and honour, victory’s star is within me.

I AM the calm peace of my Lord and Saviour with me,
The dazzling sun of His Presence, no darkness can defeat me.

I AM the joy of His freedom, I AM ascending to my goal,
By God’s grace and abundance, we all are made whole.

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