I AM becoming the Bright New Day

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Beloved Mighty I AM Presence
Come forth into my life and blaze forth the full power of the mighty action of the sacred fire throughout my being and world.
Charge my mind and body with Your Limitless Energy, with Your Mighty Intelligence, with Your Invincible Protection today!
Send forth into my life the full perfection of every constructive desire, the instantaneous manifestation of all the substance and energy needed to manifest the grace of God’s Victory in my life this day.
Let my heart receive from your Heart the Flame of Divine Love to sustain and take dominion in me every hour of the day.
See that I make no mistakes!
See that I do the Perfect Thing that I should do at every moment!
See there is nothing hidden that is not revealed to me concerning my life, my divine plan and the God Victory of this day!
I AM a majestic sense of Victory! (3X)
I AM a son of God!
I AM full of joy!
God in me is the action of love this day!
I AM going forth to conquer my day!
I AM filled with abundance and
I AM blessed with every good and perfect gift of God!


Note : A moment of intense Adoration and Call to your “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” will do wonders to start the day with a positive spin.
If you desire to bring some marvelous Perfection into your world, first turn your attention to the “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” which remember abides above you.
During the activity of the day, when you have a few moments, quiet your attention and say: “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence! You are the only Intelligence and Power acting here”.
Just keep acknowledging your Mighty I AM Presence every time you have a few moments; then go on with your work. You will find a great flood of Its Light fill you and all you do.
Still your feeling, hold your energy under your own control, and keep it constantly qualified with Harmony, Ease, and Peace.

Quote from the I AM Teachings, “The Limitless Light” by Beloved G.W. Ballard – Nothing will ever pay you such interest on your investment as the time and attention spent in acknowledging, accepting, adoring, blessing and calling into Dynamic Action, the Limitless Light of your own “Beloved Mighty I AM Presence” to produce Perfection for you now and forever!


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