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Cosmic Destiny

victory ascension freedom love understanding I AM affirmation Love understanding power

I AM a living star of Destiny A cosmic child of Light; I AM the flame of Freedom I AM God’s holy Might. I AM victor from my Beginning As a radiant son of Light; Filled with joyful Gratitude Opportunity to do it right. I AM His threefold Blessing, His Presence in all men; Perfect […]

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I AM the Victory Flame

I AM amazing affirmations victory perfection harmony

I AM the Victory Flame, I cannot remain the same; Transcendence is my aim, World freedom my domain.   I AM the Central Sun, With all life I AM now one; Eternal wisdom I have become, Violet flame, I AM thy sun.   I AM a cosmic yoke Of life’s perfection I invoke; Transmuting all […]

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I AM your friend of old

I AM amazing affirmations christ buddha light victory

I AM your friend of old* Delivering the cup of gold, Raising the consciousness of men To behold the true Eden then, Christ and Buddha shining bright To dispel the darkness of the night; A message of golden age to come With Saint Germain the victory’s won, Educate the world and darkness eschew, I claim […]

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Self Acceptance

I AM amazing affirmations self acceptance

I don’t know who or what I’m supposed to be, But I definitely can’t accept that I am me. Oh God help me to be different, Help me to be more! Anybody but who I am, That’s what I implore. What I see is a mess, All the mistakes I have made: This is the […]

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