Self Acceptance

Geoffrey Dickie // August 15 // 0 Comments

I don’t know who or what I’m supposed to be,
But I definitely can’t accept that I am me.

Oh God help me to be different,
Help me to be more!
Anybody but who I am,
That’s what I implore.

What I see is a mess,
All the mistakes I have made:
This is the last person I want to be;
Oh Lord, help me; I am so afraid.

There’s got to be a way out,
This isn’t who I’m supposed to be;
Struggling just to get around,
I’m meant to be happy and free.

I’ve seen the truth,
But it’s too hard for me;
Facing the night
And setting my soul free.

It’s painful you see,
All the stuff that I’ve done;
Fixing it all up
That’s no fun!

I’ve seen the light,
It keeps creeping in;
Makes me uncomfortable
With all those sins.

What a challenge life is,
To do it all right;
Step up to the plate,
Hit it with all your might.

There’s no escaping it,
I don’t need to be more;
There’s so much of me
I still have to explore.

Oh God, thank you for me,
I’m glad to be free!
All those gremlins within
They make such a din!

I know I’ll be right,
Truth’s in my sight;
Happiness comes from within,
It’s time to accept and begin.


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