I AM come that all might have life and that more abundantly.

Geoffrey Dickie // December 26 // 0 Comments

I AM a child of the Light and I claim my Victory now! I claim my Victory now! I claim my Victory now!
I AM claiming the Victorious consciousness of abundance from Beloved Fortuna, Goddess of Supply.
I AM attuning my consciousness with Beloved Fortuna.
I AM accepting that spirit of Christ wholeness as a vessel to receive those golden treasures of the Sun that the Masters hold for everyone.
I AM expanding my vision now to see that opulence is meant for all who look to God and make the call.
I AM demanding and commanding the release of all God’s wealth from realms on high.
I AM casting want and misery out for something wonderful is going to happen by God’s grace.
God in me is supplying each need of life for I AM actively inviting God’s limitless abundance to flow into my life.
I AM setting all men free with the knowledge that all God’s infinite supply ever flows from realms on high.
I AM now precipitating the infinite supply that transforms all with light.
I AM the Mighty Presence of Life bathing the earth in that emerald green light charged with abundance from God’s own heart.
I AM the hand of God in action gaining Victory every day for God’s good fortune infires my mind with treasures of light.
I AM opening the golden doors of opportunity to bask in the infinite Light and Love of God’s beauty,armony and victory.
I AM come that all might have Life and that more abundantly.

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