I AM the full fiery force of my vitally active imagination!

Geoffrey Dickie // June 15 // 0 Comments
I AM the full fiery force of my vitally active imagination creatively transcending all of the supposed limitations of my body, soul and mind, positively transforming my life into an abundance of golden ray opportunities for the Victory of my lifestream and the Mastery of my world. I AM letting go of all my negatively qualified energy now! I AM choosing, by the grace of the Holy Spirit and by the power of the violet transmuting flame, to transform all of this negatively qualified energy into the creative power, practical ideas and acts of loving kindness that will help me to achieve my Freedom and my Victory in this life. I AM determined to enjoy my challenges, to be alive and awake to new possibilities and even to have fun when the going gets tough! ALWAYS VICTORY!!! (3X)

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