Heart Felt Affirmations

Geoffrey Dickie // July 8 // 0 Comments

I AM devoted to the expansion of the kingdom of heaven upon earth.  (Mother Mary)

I AM garnering all the precious words of God unto the Victory of my soul.

I will take my stand to do the will of God and, in love, fulfil the fiats of creation for my fellow man.  (Fortuna)

I AM enthroning the consciousness of cosmic purpose into every aspect of my life.

I AM in continual meditation on the Law of God.

I AM also a cosmic being.

I AM a being of the sacred fire.

I AM here by the grace of God.

I AM and have intelligence, knowledge and wisdom by the power of Almighty God in order that I might produce perfection.

I AM weaving perfection into the scheme of things.

I AM an instrument of God’s all-consuming fire.

I AM charged with the fervour of God for the freedom of man.

I AM pulling down the full power of the office of Christhood.

I AM going to greet everything that comes to me today with the fire of love in my heart.

O God, I AM so grateful that you have returned all of this impure energy to me; for I know that, by God’s grace, it is to be transmuted by the purple fiery heart of Saint Germain.

I AM going to meet that challenge, stand at the altar, keep my watch, open the door of my heart and let this misqualified energy pass through the violet flame, be purified and ascend back to God in the Great Central Sun.

I AM not going to be moved.

I AM going to take that crystal clear stream, and by the act of free will, and because I have a threefold flame, I AM going to call for the transmutation of everything in my being and world that I have ever done to cause this earth or its people to be burdened.

I AM the open door to the Age of Aquarius.

I AM abundant beauty everywhere.

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