I AM willing to change

Geoffrey Dickie // July 8 // 0 Comments

I AM processing and learning from my past.
I AM beginning to embrace my potential to grow and develop every day and every way.
I AM moving on from my past mistakes.
I AM starting afresh, making a new beginning.
I AM accepting the potential of this present moment to initiate change.
I AM learning to dwell in the present.
I AM excited and illumined by the power of now.

I AM the infinite, unlimited Self that sees only boundless opportunities for abundance, freedom, truth and love appearing.

I AM treasuring my divinity, my Real Self, for I AM aware of my connection, my unity with my inner Source of Power.
I AM choosing to discover something new about my Real Self now!
I AM alert to the possibilities in every situation, for at the very least, persevering will help me balance my karma.

So, I AM turning everything over to God because I know that I AM always connected to God.

I AM never separate from him because there is no place that God is not.
I AM accepting true freedom as an enlightened relationship with my Higher Self, with the Ascended Masters, the angels and the elementals.

I AM open to the idea that there is a force greater than my limited ego, trapped in its pain of separateness, a force to which I AM always connected, a force that is always available to me when I humbly ask God to help me.

I AM surrendering all sense of separation.

I AM aware that I AM connected to all things in God.
I AM aware that this force permeates everything, that the force that beats my heart and sustains all life is the ultimate power in the Universe and it is in me now!
I claim my Victory now!  (3x)  for I AM born to win!
I AM rejoicing in the opportunity to establish wonderful new cycles of victory.
Cycles of Victory appear! (3x)
Spirals of Victory descend! (3x)
I AM an electrode of Victory in action in me now! (3x)

I AM basking in the glory of Mother’s healing ray and her protection today.

I AM enfolded by the love of my Father-Mother God.

I AM eternal transcendence.

I AM immortal.

I AM one in the heart of my Father-Mother God.

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