I AM rising above all limitations

I AM amazing affirmations rising above limitations health victory

I AM rising above all limitations to accomplish my victory!
I AM the light of the heart releasing that unconditional love which heals all life.
I AM the cool, calm expression of peace and love banishing all discord, disharmony and dissonance from my life.
I AM gratefully accepting the best that life and love have to offer.
I AM partaking only of those relationships, foods, images and music that raise and inspire my soul.
I AM taking full responsibility for my life by forgiving myself and all others who have ever wronged me.
I AM the full power of forgiveness acting here and now to dissolve all the pains and burdens which limit my happiness.
I AM accepting perfect health as the natural state of my being.
I AM surrendering all imperfect habits and patterns into the sacred fire of freedom’s forgiving, transmuting flame.
I AM offering my thanks for the wondrous opportunity of living in this vibrant, healthy body.
I AM enjoying the perfect expression of the immaculate concept of my victory and my daily ascension in the light.

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