Introduction to Decrees

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The Science of the Spoken Word, as taught by the ascended masters, is a method of accessing the power of God with a technique that combines prayer, mantra, affirmation, meditation and visualisation.
This combination gives rise to the dynamic decree.
The greatest spiritual leaders recognised prayer, especially spoken prayer, as one of the powerful instruments of change.
Decrees, like prayers, are spoken petitions to God.
When you use decrees, you are in effect commanding the flow of energy from Spirit to matter.
Decrees are a command for the will of God to be manifest here and now in this world.
You are entering into a co-creative partnership, an interactive relationship, with God.
When we meditate, we commune with God, seeking greater awareness.
When we pray or say I AM affirmations, we communicate with God, using the name of God, I AM, to request assistance.
When we decree, we are doing all three, communing, communicating and commanding.
When we decree, we are commanding God’s light to enter our world for alchemical change.
We are directing God to send his light and his angels into action for personal and world transformation.
Dynamic refers to the use of rhythm and meter in the decree to accentuate the power element.
Prayer, meditation and decrees are all ways of accessing the power of our Higher Self, our potential to become more God-like.
There is a time and place to practice each type of devotion.
However, according to the teachings of the ascended masters, decrees are the most powerful form of invoking God’s light.
Devotees of many different spiritual traditions have found that decrees enhance their own spiritual practice.
There are many ways to increase the effectiveness of the Science of the Spoken Word.
The very first is to acknowledge that God is the doer of the Word through you.
The Science of the Spoken Word begins with God and it ends with God.
It places man in the middle as the one who is the instrument of God becoming God.

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