I AM Determined to Win my Freedom and my Victory!

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Each one has to win his own Victory!*
I AM the perfect understanding that it is God’s intention from the very beginning that all of his children should be Victors and that Victory starts with the overcoming of all darkness and deception within and without.
Make up your mind that you are going to be supremely victorious.
I AM making a total commitment to the path of Victory and pray that the timeless beauty that is in the thought of Victory be forever enthroned within my heart.
I AM God-determination consuming all improper thoughts and impure feelings through the release of the Violet flame, overcoming all darkness and deception within and without that would interfere with the realisation of my Freedom and my Victory!
I refuse to accept anything but God-Victory into my thoughts or feelings right here and now!
I AM determined to win my Freedom and my Victory!
You don’t need an army or money or any other material to help you gain the highest victory attainable, just a strong determination that you are going to win.
I AM a perpetual flow of invocation to the violet light, to the white-fire light of golden hue.
In the name I AM THAT I AM, I call forth the Light of God that never fails and I declare, I AM determined to win my Freedom and my Victory!
I AM accepting the challenge of the pressures of the light.
In the name of my Mighty I AM Presence, I call to Saint Germain to release the violet flame, the stream of freedom into my world right here and now.
Let the sacred fire produce perfection in all I think and see and do.
Mighty Victory! I AM calling for the very substance of Victory! Flood my entire consciousness, being and world with your golden flame of victory imbued with your living feeling of God-success that will compel victorious accomplishment in all I do.
Great Cosmic Light, come forth and blaze thy mighty light rays, the will of God and the power of transmutation into my being and world and let it produce the miracle of my soul being cut free from all procrastination and the endless rounds of reincarnation. I will have my Victory in this life!
All you have to do is to sit still in meditation and, with the sword of discrimination, cut off, one by one, the advance of restless thoughts.
Mighty I AM Presence, take dominion over my feeling world and charge it with the invincible, victorious light of courage, strength and power.
I AM no longer the prey of discordant vibrations. I AM no longer the prey of limitations of any kind. I AM coming into the full awareness of the Infinite Power of Life and Cosmic Victory!
I AM the magnificent sense of Victory charging my four lower bodies with its light and glory and I AM accepting that release of that light by making a greater effort at self-control and harmony!
Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, help me to fully accept my Victory as real and true even before it appears in outer manifestation.
When they will all be dead, God’s kingdom of calm wisdom will be yours.
I AM the very presence of Mighty Victory in action in me now and the I AM THAT I AM of me is the Light of Victory in the earth!
I AM the very Spirit of Mighty Victory incarnate! I AM the Victory of all life everywhere!
Every one of you who has heard this sermon, and who makes a sincere effort to change, will find a greater communion with God, and in Him, the true and lasting victory of the spirit.
I AM one in the spirit of Victory! Hail Victory! I AM free!

*Words in bold italics are from a sermon by Paramahansa Yogananda.

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